About the Studios

We both have a passion for learning and photography and we want to provide more flexible informal education that is relevant to the individual learners needs.

We want to create a social and fun environment that benefits the local community where a passion for photography and creativity is nurtured and shared through the studio and on location.

We enable individuals to build in confidence and gain skills through Photography.

Plymouth Community Studios is an accessible, unique photography studio and event space in Plympton, Plymouth.

We provide affordable studio space with 2 studios equipped for large group photographs and a second studio for still life/product photography.

We offer flexibility as well as expert technical and creative help with affordable prices.

Based in the heart of Plympton our studios can be used for your film and photography needs, or you may want to join as a member to use it for running educational workshops, events or meetings – the space is yours to use as you wish.

Ground floor suite,
Creaven House,
Huxley Close,